Exclusive Bengal Cotton Handloom Tant Sarees. Top 100 Collections

Be it Shatipuri Sarees or Fulia Sarees, Bengal Cotton Tant Sarees or Tater Sarees have always been the epicenter of Tradition Cotton Handloom Sarees. The comfort, quality, and mostly for its organic source of Pure Cotton Fabric make Cotton Tant Sarees from Bengal one of the most desired Sarees for all seasons.

Here in Maybai, you are going to experience some of the best Bengal cotton sarees in Kolkata Fulia, Shantipur, and all over India.

There are different types of Bengali Tant Sarees available all over West Bengal and all of them can differ in terms of Fabric, Border Designs, and most importantly their weaving style.

Every region has its own style or name for weaving.

For instance, Dhakai Jamdani Saree is a Tant Saree and even though now Jamdani is made all over West Bengal, it mainly originated from Dhaka, Bangladesh (erstwhile undivided Bengal).

And another famous segment of Bengal Cotton Sarees in Kolkata is the Tangail Sarees. Tangail Tant Sarees are known for their different types of weaving, Textures, and yarns. But the main vocal point of these Tangali Bengali Cotton Tant Saree is their “Noksha Par”, which means designed Border in a Sari.

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