Fancy Handloom Sarees in Cotton & Silk – Top 10 Findings

In India, there are hundreds of types of Handloom Sarees
and these Handloom Sarees represent the art and culture of different regions.
Particularly in Bengal Handloom Sarees growing every day, from Cotton Handloom Sarees, Silk Handloom Sarees to Cotton Silk Handloom Sarees.
Made with the contributions of Fabrics from different cultures & different Bengal regions, the Bengal Handloom Sarees is one of a Kind.
And also keeping in mind the price, these Bengali Handloom Sarees are made with different motifs.
The Higher the Price, Higher the Quality of the Motifs and Fabric.
Bengali traditional Handloom Sarees are famous for their bright looks and different trendy designs every year.
And every part of West Bengal has its own specialty.
Like in Fulia, which is a town in West Bengal. In Fulia Handloom Sarees, they are more focused on quality fabrics and the Motifs or designs and the designs used are highly Relevant to Authentic Tangail Sarees, where Body works are kept light and the special attention goes to the designed border.
And there is another place Called Habibpur in West Bengal where the mass of affordable Handloom Sarees are weaved using Cotton, Raw Silk, Bumper as a base, and also pom pom or tassels attached on the edge of the Sarees.
Unlike any other traditional Tant Sarees, these Cotton & Silk Handloom saree designs get updated every passing year.
So Shopping for Authentic Handloom sarees online is exciting.
In Mayabi, you are going to explore various types so Handloom Saris from Handwoven Handloom Sarees to affordable plain Silk Handloom Sarees with Zari Work or stripes over the body in most of them.
Also, with various collections for many occasion from Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja to Haldi or Gaye Holud Ceremony to Handloom Cotton Sarees for daily use, we got it all covered.
And most of the theses Saris have an unstitched blouse piece attached to them.
So here are some top selections for the Latest Handloom Sarees with the Best prices from Mayabi. Enjoy!!