Classy Bengal Tant Banarasi Sarees Online – Top 50 Collections

Who doesn’t know about Traditional Banarasi Sarees? But in Bengal, Tant Banarasi Sarees holds a different definition. Apart from Pure Silk, Cotton Silk, Raw Silk, and Bengal Silk, Tussar Silk is the primary component of Bengal’s versions of Tant Banarasi Silk Sarees.

The main talking point is not only just the Tant Banarasi Saree’s price, it is also about these sarees’ premium Fabric quality and their weaving methods.

The unique thing that differentiates these Banrasi Tant Sarees from other Market Banrasi Saris is that, unlike any Tant Banarasi Sarees from Bengal, Mayabi Tant Banarasis are still woven by Hand fully just like in the old times.

In Mayabi, you are going to experience Brand new collections of Tant Banarasi Sarees across West Bengal.

These designs include Bridal Tant Banarasi Saree Collections and Authentic Tangail Tant Banarasi Sarees which are known for their Noksa Par (Designed Border) which mainly includes Golden Zari Work or Copper Zari Work.

These Tant Benarasi Saris are weaved across West Bengal from Fulia, Shantipur, Samudragarh, and Dhatrigram by certified Handloom weavers.

So after this detailed explanation, if you ask Which Banrasi Saree is Best or How many types of Banarasi Sarees are these, don’t forget to include Bengali Authentic Tant Banarasi Sari to your list.

These Handwoven Sarees are

> Best Tant Banarasi Saree from Bengal in Quality.
> Best Party Wear Silk Sarees.
> Best Festive Saris for any India festival.

And you are assured of the Best Price in the Market when Shopping for these Banarasi Sarees as these Sarees are delivered to your location directly from the factory.

Mayabi is Premium Banarasi Tant Saree Brand in India that manufactures or designs its Sarees. So here are some Top collections of Amazing Tant Banarasi Sarees for Women. Hope you will love these Premium Sarees!!