Traditional Tussar Silk Sarees – Top 50 Findings

Tussar is the highest form of luxury.

Tussar Silk or kosa silk is a special type of saree that is waved in India using Tussar Silk, a type of silk made from various types of silkworms. This type of silk is normally manufactured in India and China, and very few parts of Japan. We know Tussar silk sarees for their very fine texture and gold shine colors.

In India, various regions like West Bengal and some parts of South India have their varieties of Tussar Silk sarees. Even though these days, cheap alternative materials like “Bumper Silk” have captured the market, you can differentiate these Authentic silk sarees from their color varieties, which can vary from light brown, and beige to golden.

These types of sarees have mostly cotton thread work on their body with various types of gorgeous floral designs and also golden Zari or copper Zari is another prominent material that is used to make these sarees. And in Bengal, these types of Tussar silk sarees have pure velvet border(or Par) with various designs of golden zari work in them.

The sarees are mostly made for special occasions like weddings festivals and all the other important events and it is also considered as one of the most traditional premium quality fabric sarees in India in terms of fabric quality.

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