Latest Baluchari Sarees to Wear – Top 100 Findings

Mainly originating from the looms around Murshidabad, The Baluchari Sarees are well placed in the Indian Traditional Sarees list.

Be it Bishnupur Baluchari Sarees or any other place, the fabric for this Bengal Tant Saree has been around Silk. But in a fresh addition, Cotton Baluchari Sarees have maintained their reputation for their Elegant & complex design & quality cotton.

Now let me tell you why Maybi Baluchari Sarees are special. Nowadays most of these are not woven by hand as most of these Cotton Sarees are on Machines or you know as power looms. And another sad fact is that these Cotton Balucharis hardly have any Cotton in them and even if there is any cotton, some other materials like polyester are also used as base along with a very little portion of Cotton.

But in Mayabi all our Certified Weavres use Full Pure Cotton as base as well as in Motif, only Organic Cotton is used without any Harmful fabrics.
And all our Sarees are made by Hand.

Another thing that differentiates our Traditional Balucharis from other Baluchuris is that normal Balucharis have only 9 lines of Buti work in them after “Satkhila” but in our Balucharis, you get 14 Handlines butis.

And these Original Bishnupur Baluchari Sarees Collections have different varieties from Silk Border Baluchis to only Cotton Baluchris and many More.

These Bangali Pure Cotton Sarees are woven across Bengal from Bisnupur, Samuragrh to Mukundapur.

And talking about the Price of these Balucharis, you are assured of the Lowest Price and highest quality in the market as these Balucharis that will be delivered to you are shipped directly from the factory.

So here are some Top candidates for Mayabi Cotton Bangali Baluchari Sarees. Hope you will Love it!!